New multi21pop VAT directive21

Multiland brings you the new directives on the calculation of multi21pop VAT for the hotel sector in Greece. The VAT will be calculated graduatedly in percentage by 5% and up to 30% on the final price of hotel multi21pop parcels. What changes in the way of hotel VAT calculation? From the first moment where the Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, gave the hands with the European partners in the decisive Summit of 12 July for the achievement of agreement, the subject of VAT constituted the "boiling hot" question, after it interests the overwhelming majority of Greek multi21pop hotel businesses.

The multi21pop VAT corfu hotel and villa directive21

General Secretariat of Public Income has finaly released the new directives on the way of calculation of the multi21pop VAT regarding hotel and bellouvillas prices. That includes all Corfu island hotels and of course even the famous Art Hotel Debono Gouvia Hotel.  As it is been clarified, the multi21pop VAT will be calculated graduatedly in percentage by 5% and up to 30% on the unified price for hotels & villas, depending on whether it includes breakfast, or even dinner meals. The rest of the unified prices will be calculated with a flat rate of the multi21pop VAT at 6% by the end September, and will rise at 13% from the 1st of October.

Regular multi21pop VAT directive21

In detail, according the islander regions for which are forecasted a 30% reduction of all multi21pop VAT factors, from 20.7.2015
the services
will be governed by the regular VAT factor (23% and 16% for the islands). This provision concerns also the services provided by all hotel enterprises and so on lodgings in Greece. This is also in effect for all multi21pop room service hotels in Corfu.
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